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Rio Samba Fire- Brazilian Drumworkshop

Mon. 17.08.2020 - Mon. 07.12.2020



Place: GZ Heuried, Döltschiweg 130; 8055 Zurich

Language: English/German/Portuguese if needed

Time: on Mondays, from 19h until 20h

Lesson days: every Monday

Course fee:  1st lesson free! 20 CHF per hour. Ask for a

                         subscription, discounts apply!


Drumming like at the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro! In this course you will learn to play the different percussion instruments of the authentic Brazilian Samba, in order to sound like the famous "Samba-Swing" of Rio. Together we create a Samba-Orchestra with a lot of fun and energy! You do not need previous knowledge, just motivation and be in the mood for something new!  The "Bateria de Samba", is the rhythm section of the Brazilian Samba School, and of course you will learn also about the background and origin of Samba. At the end of the course we will play one or two complete arrangements. 


For adults and youngster from age 16.

Ear protection recommended.

Instruments and supply are provided.


Registration via contact form or via E-Mail to:


past workshops

Samba Dance Workshop with Shiela


Place: Tanzkurse Zurich, Dufourstrasse 35; 8008 Zurich

Language: German, English

Level: beginners/ intermediate

Time: from 11.30h until 15.00h, with break

Two classes: Beginners from 11:30h-12:30h, Advanced from 13:00-14:00h

Prices: 30 CHF per course, both for 60 CHF.

              Early Bid ticket: 50 CHF for both classes until Dec. 8th.


Come and learn the authentic Samba from Rio de Janeiro! Within this workshop, you learn the basic steps with a lot of fun. Everybody can join to learn the famous „samba-swing“.
In the advanced course, more "floreos" will be added and a nice choreography will be trained.


After our sucess of the November class, Shiela continues her teaching in Zurich of the authentic Samba no pé - do not miss it! 

Samba Pagode Workshop with Uwezinho and Naná Spogis  Sat. 23rd November 2019


Place: Vert.igo, Bändlistrasse 86; 8064 Zürich

(Tram 17 until Werdhölzli)

Language: German, English, Portuguese if needed

Level: beginners with basic knowledge and intermediate

Time: from 10.00h until 15.00h, with lunchbreak

Course fee: 50 CHF per workshop day

early-bird ticket: 40 CHF if subscribed until November, 11th.


Samba Pagode, or Samba de Mesa, is the urban sound of the bars and yards of Rio de Janeiro. Everybody sits relaxed around a table and is playing and singing one Samba after another, the mood is merrymaking and happy.

In the workshop, the typical Pagode instruments such as Rebolo, Pandeiro or Cavaquinho are introduced and explained resp. played in their specific manner. All participants may sing, but do not have to. Finally, we will have one nice Samba-Arrangement, that will put a smile on everybody's face.


Instruments provided. No ear protection needed :)

Samba Dance workshop "Samba Carioca" with Felipe Moris

Sunday, October, 28th 2018, at MIMOS, Zurich


Location: MIMOS, Kornhausstrasse 18, 8006 Zurich

Language: German / English / Portuguese if required

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Time: Beginner:         10:00 h to 12:00 h

             Intermediate: 13:00 h to 15:00 h

Course fee: 60 CHF, both workshops 100 CHF

(Discount applies for Zurich School of Samba members)


After the big success in January, Felipe comes again to Zurich! Felipe has been part of the international Samba scene for a long time and is the head dancer and choreographer of the Samba school Baturim in Vienna, after many years of experience in Brazil. He made his first dance steps at the age of five and has grown authentically into the world of dance. In São Paulo, his hometown, Felipe learned the high art of carnival at the famous samba schools Rosas de Ouro, Nenê de Vila Matilde, Vai-Vai and Acadêmicos do Tatuapé.


He studied very different dance styles that shape his samba style until today. Needless to say, Felipe took lessons with the best known names in the world of samba dance, such as Carlinhos do Salgueiro (chief choreographer of Salgueiro) and Evelyn Bastos, the "samba queen" of Mangueira. So, not surprisingly Felipe was attending at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2017 for the renowned and traditional samba schools Mangueira, Salgueiro, Unidos de Padre Miguel and G.R.E.S. Paraíso do Tuiuti. There, he was even allowed to participate as a passista at the carnaval parade.


Focusing on the mix of creative and authentic dance techniques, the workshops will combine the "bailado" and "sapateado" techniques - a dance-based fusion of Salgueiro and Mangueira. The participants will receive valuable tips and learn the "Samba no Pé" from Rio de Janeiro with a lot of fun!

The course is equally suitable for men and women, Felipe masters both masculine and feminine dance styles.


Registration here


Februar 2017

Let's get started is online now. Private workshops and finally also corporate event workshops are bookable now. You will find all infos on this page. Have fun.

October 2015

Uwezinho Workshop mit Jalapeños Percussion
Batucada Workshop with Jalapeños Percussion, Amberg, Germany