About us

Uwezinho is a percussionist, samba veteran and a traveller in music. He has been drumming since 1999 in various formations and got to know Samba during several stays in Brazil and Europe. In Germany, he founded two still active groups

(Viroumania! and Fogo do Ritmo). Over the years he attended innumerable master classes and workshops, e.g. with Mestre Jonas (Mocidade, Cubango), Mestre Odilon Costa, Mestre Markinhos (Salgueiro) or Mestre Nilo (Portela) to learn and study the authentic Samba Carioca from Rio de Janeiro.

Indeed, during carnaval 2018 he played in various Blocos in Rio de Janeiro. Finally, in 2019 he paraded during the main Carnival parade within the Bateria of Alegria da Zona Sul in Rio's famous Sambódromo.

In Zurich, he is arranger, samba teacher and musical director of "Zurich School of Samba".
As a conductor, he regularly leads rehearsals and workshops. Thanks to his big international network he his able to organize events with Samba teachers from Europe and Brazil.